Glastonbury organiser launches climate campaign at festival

Michael Eavis unveils giant solar machine

Glastonbury 2007 has officially kicked off with festival organiser Michael Eavis unveiling a giant solar machine.

Announcing the launch in the backstage bar, Eavis also started a petition against climate change in conjunction with Greenpeace, Wateraid, Oxfam and Stock Climate Chaos.

The aid organisations are hoping to get 100,000 signatures by the end of the three day bash which kicks off in earnest tomorrow (June 22).

To mark the campaign both Eavis and his daughter, co-organiser Emily were the first to put their signatures to the petition.

“We have the biggest solar panel machine in the whole of the west England to go on the cowshed,” said Eavis. “It’s cost about £200,000 to build and its going to do 100 kilowatts all day long. There will be more than enough power to cover four or five villages around Somerset. Thank you everyone for contributing to this campaign.”

A host of speakers from the aid organisations also spoke out against climate change and urged people to cut emissions and sign the petition.

The campaign hopes to get band’s playing the festival involved.