Glastonbury boss plans to expand festival

Michael Eavis wants to sell 25,000 extra tickets

Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis wants to expand the festival and make 25,000 extra tickets available for this year’s bash.

The tickets would be sold as combined coach and festival admission to ensure that the extra fans don’t clog the roads with cars.

Eavis also mentioned the pre-registration scheme for this year’s event which requires those wanting to go to the festival to first register their contact details alongside a passport standard photo with the organisers.

He said: “The people who buy the tickets on April 1 will be the people who are actually coming to the festival.”

Eavis is awaiting council chiefs to approve the increase. He has submitted a draft application for the 2007 festival to Mendip District Council – but if they do, it could mean a total of 137,500 fans attending Worthy Farm in June.

The festival chief said he would also be extending the site for this year’s event.

“We are extending the site with another 100 acres, bringing the total to 1,200 going west towards Glastonbury“, Eavis told The Western Daily Press. “It seems such a huge success and we have so much room here that we will be using a lot of neighbouring farmers’ land – it’s an alternative land use which in the present climate is good news.”

Eavis also said new sound equipment would be introduced to help locals who don’t want to be disturbed by the music.

He said: “We have got new loudspeaker equipment which we experimented with at the Classical Extravaganza which doesn’t transmit in the same way…it will make a lot of difference.”

He added there were plans for a new entertainment area, plus more parking and camping.

Subject to the license being granted the festival will take place between June 22-24. Those who want tickets must register online and by post between February 1 and 28.