Glastonbury touts strike again

This time they’re selling parking tickets for double the price

Glastonbury festival is soon upon us, and NME.COM has been alerted to the fact that it isn’t just festival tickets that are being touted online.

Following on from news that Glastonbury tickets have appeared on eBay, claiming as much as £350 per ticket, despite efforts by festival organisers to curb touts, it has now become clear that the auctioning has not stopped there.

Glastonbury parking tickets are being sold for in excess of £20 a pass.

This is despite the fact passes can be officially brought via official agent Seetickets for £10.

The Glastonbury Festival takes place next week (June 22-24) and NME.COM will be there. Tune in next week for a preview and then complete coverage of this year’s event.