Glastonbury sells out in two hours

But has pre-registration kept out the touts?

Tickets for the Glastonbury Festival have sold out in under two hours.

The now-annual scramble for tickets kicked off at 9am this morning, with nearly 400,000 pre-registrants competing for 137,500 tickets available to the public. By 10.55, all regular tickets were sold out.

All applicants were this year required to pre-register in a bid to prevent touting.

While regular tickets are all gone, deluxe festival-goers can still buy teepee tickets for £250.

Arctic Monkeys, The Killers and The Who lead the line-up for the festival so far, which takes place between June 22-24.

Did you manage to get tickets for ths year’s bash? Send your stories of good luck or bad with Glasto in the subject line and the best will feature in a future issue of NME.