Glasto 2007 ticket details unveiled

If you want to get in next year get your diary ready

The Glastonbury Festival have revealed details of when ticket will be going on sale for next year’s event.

Similarly to previous years, tickets for the three-day event at Worthy Farm, Pilton will be sold on a Sunday and are expected to go on sale at the beginning of April.

A spokesperson for the festival told NME.COM: “We have put forward proposals for the festival to take place over the weekend of June 22-24. These are only the proposed dates at this stage and all depend on whether the licence goes through.”

Festival co-organiser Emily Eavis confirmed to NME.COM that if the licence goes through “the date is definitely April 1 at 9am” for tickets to go on sale.

Ticket prices and details of how they will be sold are still to be set but it is likely to include a pre-registration process and photo ID will be required to enter the site.