Glastonbury Festival organiser rejects Banksy offer

Michael Eavis refuses to part with Stonehenge mock-up

Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis has rejected an offer to sell an onsite mock-up of Stonehenge.

The move comes after the site’s press office was contacted by an anonymous caller asking to purchase the exhibition by cult artist Banksy.

The Stonehenge mock-up made out of graffiti-strewn mobile toilets was a huge attraction for many fans at the festival site.

And although there has been huge interest to purchase the mock-up, Eavis confirmed that he has no plans to sell the artwork on.

He told NME.COM: “I’m not going to sell it but I’m going to take it down though. I don’t sell other people’s art. That’s not what I do.”

Banksy‘s artwork has often attracted huge media interest and controversy in the past.

Last year he was involved in sabotaging copies of Paris Hilton‘s debut album with the help of Gnarls Barkley member Danger Mouse.

He recently received an award for Art‘s Greatest Living Briton.