Glastonbury in local row

Over trademark name

Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has been caught up in a row with local businesses.

Eavis and Glastonbury Festivals Limited have applied to licence the three names with the Office of Harmonization at the EU – Glastonbury Festival”, “Glastonbury & Avalon” and “Glastonbury”.

Eavis has said that the event is so well-known that the name Glastonbury should be trademarked to protect its use.

However, local businesses have disagreed with this decision.

Mayor John Coles told BBC News there has been some misunderstanding with the situation: “There are people objecting to Michael using the name Glastonbury because if he does get the monopoly – which I don’t believe he is trying to do – then no one will be able to trade under the name of Glastonbury.”

Under the trademark, products that would be protected include DVDs, computer games, clothing, TV radio and internet rights.

Eavis is expected to meet with the council today (July 13).