Will summer be the same again?...

GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL have announced this year’s will be the last until 2007 – and NME.COM want to know what you think of the decision.

However, organiser Michael Eavis has confirmed rumours that he will take a year out in 2006, so as to give the local residents a break.

He said he wanted to “stand back and get new ideas” for 2007.


He said: “Every fifth year since 1987 we’ve taken it off – It’s like a fallow year in farming terms. It’s a good chance for the cows, the farm, the farm workers and villagers to recover. So they come back the year after the fallow year with renewed energy, strength and imagination…The year off can provide us time and the energy to do something other than going on like a steamroller.”

So what do you think? Is he right? Will summer be the same without Glastonbury? Who would you like to see play this year?

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