And there will be other changes in place for the 2005 event...

Noise stewards will be introduced to this year’s GLASTONBURY festival to prevent complaints before they arise.

Six stewards will form the noise patrols that are to patrol the nearby village of Pilton. The stewards will ensure that disturbance and overnight music is kept to a reasonable level.

The plans were unveiled at a public meeting held last night (January 6).


Melvin Bennsaid: “In 2002 and 2003 we had no real issues with noise but in 2004 we had some issues in and around the village of Pilton. We dealt with it very well, but in a reactive manner.

“This year we are going to deal with it in a proactive manner and have a number of stewards in the village just walking around outside, basically listening for noise nuisance. They will be able to report back if they hear anything so we can address it before anyone complains,” reports the BBC.

Other changes to the festival include the moving of the Glade Stage to the new dance area. The Lost Vagueness area has been designated to stay open for 24 hours with Benn adding: “The festival will still have a strong overnight feel to it.”

The festival, scheduled for June 24 – 26, is still subject to license. Mendip councillors will consider the public entertainment licence application on 17 January.

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