But there will be a new area for the ravers...

GLASTONBURY bosses have explained how the DANCE TENT will be replaced next year by the JOHN PEEL STAGE.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the New Stage will be named the John Peel Stage from 2005 in honour of the late DJ.

A festival source told NME.COM that as long as they get their licence for the 2005 event, the dance area will change, with the John Peel Stage being in its place.


She said: “It’s all subject to licensing, but basically we’re in the process of building a new dance area, with a few small tents and one main tent. It’s all where the New Bands Tent was last year, and we’re replacing the Dance Tent with the John Peel Stage (New Bands Tent). The name of the new area is ‘Suggs Ground’ – it’s the original name of that field.”

Next year’s festival is likely to take place 24-26, 2005.