And eBay get it in the neck too...

A judge has attacked the auction website EBAY while sentencing a woman for using it to sell fake tickets to the GLASTONBURY festival.

Sara Hambridge, from Leicester, duped innocent customers out of more than £3,000 for fewer than 20 fake tickets for the festival.

Judge Richard Bray told the 28-year-old, who arrived at Leicester Crown Court on a mobility scooter, that she had taken advantage of a system which made life easy for fraudsters.


PA reports that Hambridge made £3,021 from five customers, and was told she only escaped jail due to ill-health following an operation earlier this year.

Sentencing her to a nine-month suspended sentence, Judge Bray said: “It appears on the face of it to be extremely easy to commit fraud on the Internet.

“There may be certain safeguards that I have not been told about, but that appears to be the case and you took advantage of that.

“These trusting people, they get on the Internet and they ask for a ticket and they send a cheque without any knowledge of who they are sending it to.

“It is hardly surprising you are getting fraud. Provided you don’t have fraud against you on eBay, you are all right as a fraudster. You can get on and sell anything you like.”

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