The bidding begins despite organisers’ warnings…

GLASTONBURY tickets have appeared on auction website EBAY.

Despite organisers’ attempts to prevent reselling of tickets for this year’s festival, people were attempting to sell their passes soon after the event sold out in three hours on Sunday (April 3).

With the anti-touting measures requiring all ticket holders for this year’s event to present photo ID, some bidders have offered to supply buyers with items like utility bills, but organisers have insisted this will not beat their system.


“Anyone now offering tickets for sale is utterly bogus,” said the Festival’s official site. “Do not purchase tickets from unofficial sources, this is not permitted under the tickets Terms & Conditions – you may lose your money and will not gain entry to the Festival.”

eBay meanwhile said they would continue to list tickets as re-selling them is not outlawed in the UK.

“The re-sale of concert tickets is not an illegal activity and is therefore permitted on,” a spokesperson told BBC News. “We will not prevent people from listing these tickets on the site but we would urge both buyers and sellers of Glastonbury tickets to read and understand the applicable terms and conditions.”

As of April 6, the highest bid so far for a pair of Glastonbury tickets was £2050.

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