An online auction fetches a large sum of cash for charity...

An online auction for three pairs of GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL tickets has raised over £4,000.

The tickets are being sold on eBay in support of the charity WaterAid, who are closely associated with the event.

BBC news reports that each pair went for over £1,500 each. Tickets for the festival sold out in under a day.


Robert Richards from Glastonbury Festival said: “We’re delighted to be working with WaterAid this year to offer hospitality tickets to the festival. The demand for this year’s festival has been phenomenal with all tickets selling out in a matter of hours, so we hope there’ll be a lot of interest in the eBay listing.”

Emily Boyd-Carpenter from WaterAid added: “We’re enormously grateful to Glastonbury for choosing us as the charity to benefit from this eBay listing, and we hope that people will think of us when they make their bids.

“We’ve been working with Glastonbury Festival for the past 10 years and there’s no better place for people to appreciate the issues of lack of water and sanitation. People experience for three days what it’s like not to be able to have a shower, run their tap or use their flushing toilet whenever they like. This helps people to understand a bit more what it’s like for the world’s poorest people who struggle every day to access water or any kind of sanitation.”

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