Michael Eavis says he wants to sit down with Justin Hawkins to get an apology...

GLASTONBURY boss MICHAEL EAVIS has hit back at The Darkness‘ frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS, telling NME.COM he wants an apology and to meet the band “face to face” to talk through their gripes with him.

As reported earlier today (March 30), Hawkins has branded Eavis a “c**k”, saying he “missed the boat” when trying to get the group for the 2004 festival.

The band famously played bottom of the bill in 2003, when they were relatively unknown. However, this year they will headline the Carling Weekend: Reading and Leeds festivals in August.


Speaking in today’s The Sun newspaper (March 30), the singer gave his opinions as to why.

He claimed: “Eavis is a cock. We don’t deal with fucking arseholes. We were speaking to all the big events before Christmas and Glastonbury was on the list. But Eavis said he thought we wouldn’t be around for the festival in June. It’s his loss. Our decision not to play Glastonbury is nothing to do with cash.

“Michael Eavis is just annoyed that he missed the boat. He came back to us after he realised his mistake. But it was too late. We’d already agreed to do the Carling Festival for a lot less money. So he’s lost out. Glastonbury is all about sitting in a field and buying funny hats. When I go to a festival it’s because I want to see bands and like the line-up. I never went to Glastonbury until we played there. Don’t bother with Glastonbury unless you want to stand in a field and be healed.”

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM this morning, an upset Eavis said can’t understand Hawkins’ beef.

He said: “They were fantastic here (last year). We recognised their talent straight away. We weren’t looking for The Darkness this year. It’s rare for a band to play two years running. But we were right on the case there, we really were.

“(Last year) we recognised the fact they were really good and there’s no suggestion that we rubbished them or thought they wouldn’t make it. No suggestion of that whatsoever.”


Eavis said that he wants to speak to the band, to set the record straight. He continued: “I hope at some point I can get some kind of apology because he’s got it all wrong. I’d like to meet the fella face to face and see what his gripe really is.”

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