Emily Eavis on not showing the World Cup at Glastonbury: ‘It’s a music event’ – watch

The festival organiser also speaks about the Metallica backlash

Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis has said that they couldn’t show the World Cup matches because it wasn’t practical, and that the event is about music, not football.

In the video interview, which you can watch above, Eavis also talks about the backlash against Saturday night headliners Metallica.

On the World Cup matches, she says: “If it was on Sunday at nine o’clock in the morning, you could obviously put it on the main stage and it wouldn’t matter. But we don’t have a field big enough spare to put an enormous game on, potentially at that time when we are dealing with 177,000 people. We can’t just put it on at that time of day. It’s also… a music event!”

Watch the full interview above.