Glastonbury reveals plans to replace plastic pint glasses with reusable items for 2015

People are also being encouraged to use stainless steel water bottles this year

Glastonbury is planning to replace plastic pint glasses used on site with reusable items for next year’s festival.

A piece in The Guardian reveals that punters this year will also be encouraged to drink water from reusable stainless steel bottles instead of plastic ones, in an effort to make the event more eco-friendly. There will be 400 water taps on site where bottles can be filled up. Glastonbury’s green issues organiser Lucy Smith commented: “We have amazing water quality in the UK but everyone is obsessed with drinking bottled water.”

The piece revealed plans for Glastonbury 2015 to replace all plastic pint pots and cutlery with reusable items to limit the amount of plastic waste left on site at the end of the event. “We want to be as sustainable as we can. We do everything we can, but coping with the litter of 140,000 people is a challenge. We can’t put bins everywhere,” said Smith.

Meanwhile, the weather for Glastonbury festival looks set to be largely pleasant. Met Office spokeswoman Laura Young told NME that the festival will start off “warm and dry” but there will a possibility of showers on Saturday and Sunday. It seems likely that “good” weather will last for the entire event, which takes place on Worthy Farm over June 27-29. The gates to festival open on Wednesday June 25.

Young commented: “There are strong signs that it will be warm and dry on Thursday and Friday, with above average temperatures in the South-West. Nothing too heatwavey – a mix of sunshine and cloud. We’re not ruling out the potential for it to turn unsettled before the weekend: the high pressure might break on Saturday and Sunday, leading to showers, though the good weather could last the whole weekend.”