Everything Everything, Jake Bugg, Phoenix, Peace and more reveal Glastonbury tips

Bands performing at Worthy Farm tell NME who they will be rushing to watch

Glastonbury officially starts today (June 28), as if you hadn’t noticed.

Of course, there are 130,000 music fans there, all with their own plans of which bands to go and see. They’re not the only ones who’ve made a few choices. For the bands themselves, Glastonbury’s the perfect chance to get out there and check out the competition.

NME spoke to a few favourites to ask who they’ll be seeing over the weekend, starting with Jeremy Pritchard, bassist in Everything Everything: “I’m really looking forward to seeing Portishead. I’ve never seen them live and I’ve always been a fan. I saw Johnny Marr at Parklife recently and I was so impressed – the Smiths songs sounded fantastic and I enjoyed it way more than I thought it did so I’ll be seeing him again. I’d like to see Azealia Banks, actually, although I don’t know if she’ll ever actually put a record out.

“And Haim we’ve got to know a little bit, and they’re really nice, and a really great band. I didn’t think I’d be into them when I first read about it and people kept mentioning Fleetwood Mac, which instantly turned me off. I think they’re way better than that – they’ve been done a disservice by the simplistic hype.”

Evan Walsh, The Strypes: “This is our first Glastonbury. In the past couple of years we’d have been too young or it would have been too much of a trek, so the only thing we have experienced beforehand is watching on the telly. It’s going to be very interesting seeing it all in real life. And we’re delighted with the stage we’re on, the John Peel Stage. We’re thrilled with that, being big John Peel fans. We’re looking forward to seeing Arctic Monkeys, The Rolling Stones, Jake Bugg, Gary Clarke Junior, and Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings as well.”

Harry Koisser, Peace: “I’m looking forward to… many, many acts. I’d like to see Toy. I’ve only seen them play in small places before, so I think on a bigger festival stage, it’ll be cool. And I’ve never seen The Rolling Stones. I try to stick to bands that I’d never usually see. I’d probably never go to see Mumford and Sons, but it’s an opportunity to go and see really big bands, isn’t it? I probably won’t watch many bands who I’d see if they were playing a show in Birmingham. I’ll probably go and watch some stupidly big bands. And Fuck Buttons as well.”

Thomas Mars, Phoenix: “It’s totally overwhelming. There are so many names I can’t even think about it. You see that one poster and it’s too much information and I can’t process it. The bands you want to see are always on another day. Somehow we’ve never been lucky about it. And the atmosphere – you’re on a mission, when you come to play a show. You’re not always in that mood.”

Tim Burgess: “The Rolling Stones is obviously a big one. I’ve supported them a few times so I’m expecting a text from Mick to see if I want to watch from the side of stage – nothing yet though. I do keep checking. Bobby Womack and Cat Power have both released brilliant albums so I’ll make sure they’re on my list. I’m on at The Park Stage, and I’m not just saying this, but I’d go to a festival that just had those bands on – Dinosaur Jr, The Horrors and Fuck Buttons.”

Jake Bugg: “I’m not getting to see anyone. I’m in and out of there. After I do my set on the Acoustic Stage I’ve got to go to Switzerland or somewhere for another gig, which seems a bit of a shame, but then again I hate festivals anyway. So I’m kind of buzzing at the same time.”