Michael Eavis says Glastonbury now has ‘the perfect loo’

The festival's founder says its taken 43 years to get perfect toilets

Glastonbury festival founder Michael Eavis has said that the festival now boasts the perfect loo.

Eavis says that after 43 years of running the event, they finally have perfect toilets. Speaking to The Guardian, he said: “…wait till you see the new loos. No emptying – it goes straight into the ground. After 43 years, we’ve finally got the perfect loo.”

He also spoke about booking The Rolling Stones for next weekend’s festival, saying that the band were ‘conspicuous by their absence’, having never played before. Eavis commented: “The Stones wanted to do it; that’s the secret really. Who wouldn’t want to do it? The point is they’re exceedingly generous to us. There’s no greed, no grabbing. They’ve got their 50-year anniversary… Everybody’s done it except them, you see. They knew they were conspicuous by their absence.”

Eavis went on to say that The Rolling Stones are not playing the festival for the money, much like U2, who headlined the event two years ago. “They didn’t do it for money either. It cost them 2 million to actually play here,” he said, adding of 2004 headliner: “Paul McCartney lost a lot of money here.”

Despite earlier reports that thunderstorms and showers were expected for next weekend’s Glastonbury festival, forecasters now predict that the event’s weather will be sunny and dry. Most weather forecasting services have said that Somerset will be sunny, dry and warm over the weekend of June 28-30, with average day time temperatures of 19C. However, rain is expected to hit the Worthy Farm site over the coming week, meaning that ground conditions still might be muddy come next weekend. There also might be slight rain on Thursday 27 and possibly on the afternoon of Sunday 30, however the previously predicted thunderstorms are now unlikely.