Michael Eavis to switch on lights for ‘Christmas mad’ Somerset resident

Michael Toole has spent over £20,000 on decorating his home

Michael Eavis has agreed to turn on the Christmas lights of a Somerset man who has spent over £20,000 decorating his home for the festive period.

Paul Toole has been decorating his bungalow in Wells, Somerset since 1998. His current set up includes eight Christmas trees, reindeer, penguins, seals and polar bears as well as a massive 8ft wreath. Toole has also set up his own radio station which tourists can tune in in their cars to hear a selection of his favourite eight classic Christmas tunes playing on a non-stop loop. Eavis, who runs and organises Glastonbury festival on the nearby Worthy Farm every year, has agreed to handle this year’s big switch on, something Toole spoke to the Daily Telegraph about.

“This year we’ve got Michael Eavis. I asked him if he fancied the job and he said yes straight away. I am hoping around 1,500 people will show up for the official switch on. We had Boycie from Only Fools and Horses switch the lights on last year.”

Toole went on to add: “I am completely Christmas mad and every year I try to go full out and put on a great display for the community. I have just finished it and the garden is all white. I started earlier this year as well and I’m glad I did as the recent weather could have threatened the big switch-on. This year we have got 60,000 LEDs which is 10,000 more than last year. The whole display is easily better than any we’ve done before.”

The festivities are not just for Toole’s benefit though, with money being raised each year for charity. £7,000 was raised in 2011 for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Glastonbury returns in 2013 after taking a break last year – more information about the festival can be found here.