Glastonbury announces huge burning memorial sculpture

Attendees are invited to write messages on the sculpture that will be symbolically burnt at the end of the festival

Glastonbury Festival has announced that this year’s event will feature a huge sculpture that will be set alight at the end of the weekend.

Attendees will be invited to write messages about things they wish to let go of on a 40 foot lotus sculpture that was created by artist Joe Rush and his team out of salvaged wood and canvas. The sculpture, located near to The Park Stage, will be symbolically burned at midnight on the festival’s last day, Sunday June 26.

In a statement Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis explained the concept behind the sculpture and shared an artist’s impression.


“During the Festival, people will be encouraged to write down memories and images of people or situations that they wish to let go of, it may be people who died in the lockdown who were not properly said goodbye to, it may be failed business projects, may even be failed marriages, but the point is that all of these things will be focused on and then placed inside the Lotus,” Eavis said.

“At midnight on Sunday of the Festival the Lotus will be ignited and while the flames roar up, the whole gear-driven inferno will be burnt to nothing and with this we will be able to let go and get some closure. A cathartic moment and one that many of us need.”

Earlier this week, meanwhile, the BBC announced that it will broadcast sets live from Glastonbury Festival‘s Pyramid Stage in Ultra High Definition (UHD) for the first time.

Audiences will be able to watch headline sets by Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar and Diana Ross (legends slot) in UMD aired live on BBC One/Two as well as BBC iPlayer and online from Friday, June 24 to Sunday, June 26.

The full line-up and stage times for Glastonbury Festival 2022 have also revealed.

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