Glastonbury Festival to stand by Oxfam amid sex worker scandal

Emily Eavis pledged her support for the organisation.

Emily Eavis has confirmed that Glastonbury Festival will stand by Oxfam, amid a sex worker scandal.

The charity has been criticised for the way it handled reports of some of its aid workers using prostitutes while delivering aid to Haiti in 2011.

Eavis took to Twitter yesterday (February 16) to say that they have been: “horrified at the reports in the news”, but that Oxfam have assured them that they are continuing to take action to ensure a “vigorous safeguarding plant for the future”.


“Let us not forget that abuse of power is a wider issue in sociey”, Eavis writes.

“So we would like to pledge our continued support for Oxfam, and the brave and vital work which it undertakes. I have been tp Haiti, and talked with people in remote communities where Oxfam is a lifeline.

“Oxfam do outstanding work all over the world and we firmly believe that the good does still far outweigh the appalling behaviour of the few whose actions have caused such harm.

“We will continue to support Oxfam’s incredible work for many more years to come.”

Speaking at this week’s VO5 NME Awards, Michael Eavis told the Press Association: “We’ve raised millions through the years with Oxfam – six million quid and everyone’s said what a wonderful charity they are and we still support them.


“And for a few dodgy people – like with the NHS you get a few dodgy doctors and it doesn’t discredit the NHS does it. So why should it affect Oxfam?”

At the awards, Eavis also dropped hints about the headliners for Glastonbury 2019, which will take place on Worthy Farm on June 26-30, 2019.

This comes after Emily Eavis confirming last year that they’ve already booked two of the headliners for their 50th anniversary in 2020.

Meanwhile, the festival has announced that plastic bottles will be banned at the festival in 2019.