Glastonbury-goers will supposedly walk nearly 30 miles over the entire weekend – and phone home three times a day?!

Get your wellies on...

Glastonbury-goers will walk nearly 30 miles, upload some 35 social media posts, take 143 photos over the whole festival, and apparently call home three times a day – a new study has claimed.

Researchers who studied the habits of 1000 Glasto-goers also found that on average, they will watch 16 performances and perhaps pine for creature comforts as they phone home three times a day. An average of 47 WhatsApp messages will be also fired off, alongside 49 texts and 31 phone calls. When every fan is accounted for, it equates to a staggering 25.3 million calls coming from Worthy Farm.

The study, by Glastonbury’ tech partner EE, also found that the average punter will use their phone to track down their friends at least three times during the festival.

Glastonbury crowd

Glastonbury crowd at the 2017 festival

And when it came to devotion, more than a tenth of fans say they walk 10 miles or more each day to catch all their favourite acts.

Despite offering one of the best line-ups on the planet, nearly a third (29 per cent) of respondents also confess to streaming music, TV or sport when they’re not catching acts.

Pete Jeavons, the marketing communications director at BT and EE, said: “We’ve helped make Glastonbury the UK’s best connected festival so our customers can make the most of every moment and share even more memories with their family and friends.

“Our new and improved EE Glastonbury app allows Festival-goers to drop pins on the festival map, listen to artists playing at Glastonbury to discover new music to help build their perfect festival line up, and create and share their own personalised set-lists so they can make sure they don’t miss a beat.”

Glastonbury 2019 takes place from June 26-30th and you can find all the essential information about it here.