Glastonbury’s Pangea crane won’t be allowed to remain on site all year round

The crane formed the centrepiece of the show in 2019

A crane that formed the centrepiece of Glastonbury Festival‘s Pangea area in 2019 will not be allowed to remain in place when the festival is not running.

As the Somerset County Gazette reports, Arcadia Spectacular Ltd have been denied retrospective planning permission to leave the crane in place.

Planning officers at Mendip District Council say that the crane would be allowed under permitted development rights, but that is only applicable for 28 days.


The crane has been in place since the festival came to a close in June 2019, with the application seeking “temporary” permission until June 2023.

The refusal notice stated: “Other than to state that the crane would be used during Glastonbury Festival, the application does not provide any justification as to why the crane base is required or how it would be used to justify its requirement, especially on a permanent basis until 2023.

Glastonbury 2019

“It has not be demonstrated why it cannot be a temporary removable structure that is only erected for the festival itself rather than left in position throughout the year, when it would serve no purpose. Nor has it been demonstrated why it needs to be on this site rather than clustered with other structures on the main festival site.”

They added: “Furthermore, due to the concerns of the visual and landscape impact of the crane base it is not considered to be provided in a manner and of a scale appropriate to this rural location.”

Council officers also refused the application because they considered it “out of character” with the festival’s rural application.


Speaking to NME in 2019, co-founder Bert Cole described Pangea’s role in replacing the iconic Arcadia spider.

“It represents us going back to the beginning, but also represents us taking over the space as the cosmos and we’ve got the planet in the middle and our amazing moon which will orbit around it at various times,” Cole said.

“We’ve got some amazing projections, so it’s just really exciting and a really good year for that kind of stuff. There will be the big flames and the big rave, but there will also be beautiful calm moments when we can appreciate the little bit of rock we’re cruising round on.”

Glastonbury 2020 will take place from June 24-28, with Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney already announced as headliners. Diana Ross will fill the Sunday legends slot.