Opinion poll finds 83% of Glastonbury attendees voted Remain in the EU Referendum

A Times survey found that the majority of those at Glastonbury were in favour of staying in the EU

An opinion poll conducted at Glastonbury has found that 83% of the attendees at this year’s festival voted Remain in this week’s EU Referendum.

The outcome of the referendum – Britain voted to leave the European Union in the early hours of Friday morning (24 June) – has dominated talk at this year’s festival, with numerous artists across the weekend addressing the defeat for the Remain campaign during their performances.

The Times conducted the poll at the festival on the day of Thursday’s vote (23 June), finding that 83% of those who were surveyed had voted to remain in the EU.


Festival organiser Emily Eavis gave her reaction to the poll in The Glastonbury Free Press on Sunday, stating that she’d found the outcome of the referendum to be “a complete shock”.

“It was a complete shock. But we’ve got to rally around and stick together,” she said. “It was amazing to see the opinion poll, which showed just how many Glastonbury goers voted Remain: 83%. And for voter turnout among people here to be higher than the national average? That really says something about the sort of people who come to the festival.”

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