Glastonbury warn fans not to share their photos of their tickets online

It's nearly time

Music fans attending Glastonbury Festival 2019 have been warned not to share photos of their tickets across social media.

With the festival fast approaching, last week saw Glasto announce the full line-up along with the schedule for each stage. Many are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of their tickets, but now organisers have issued them with a stark warning to avoid them being scammed by fraudsters and to prevent fake tickets being sold.

“Tickets for this year’s Festival are being sent out over the next couple of weeks,” wrote Glasto on their Instagram Story, urging fans to use SeeTickets’ tracking service.


They added: “When you do receive your tickets PLEASE DO NOT post photos of them online.”

Meanwhile, Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis recent revealed that the festival organisers were “ahead of schedule on the build” as the various stages around the site were being constructed and production talks had begun.

“This is the time when everyone is thinking about what they’re going to bring here – all the bands, they’re thinking about how big the production is going to be, what they can do here,” she said. “Obviously, it’s not a standard gig, we’re not in a stadium. What you can do in a field is quite different so we’re talking to them and explaining about what’s possible and what’s not possible.

“Everyone’s got quite big ideas, it’s quite exciting. There’s some really, really good ideas flying around.”

The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival


This week also saw the announcement of a special book to celebrate 50 years of Glastonbury Festival.

Glastonbury 2019 takes place from Wednesday 26 – Sunday June 30. Check back at NME for the latest Glastonbury news, and see the latest weather forecast here.