Glasvegas reveal debut album release and tracklisting

Nirvana cover available on new single

Glasvegas have revealed full details of their debut album, including release date and tracklisting.

The group’s self-titled debut album will be released on September 8, preceded by a single, a new version of 2007 debut single ‘Daddy’s Gone’, which is out on August 25.

‘Glasvegas’, recorded in New York with Muse producer Rich Costey, features all the band’s singles to date, including ‘Geraldine’ and ‘It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry’, with some being re-recorded.

The single of ‘Daddy’s Gone’, available to download on August 24, features a cover of Nirvana‘s ‘Come As You Are’ and new track ‘A Little Thing Called Fear’.

‘Glasvegas’‘ tracklisting is:

‘Flowers And Football Tops’


‘It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry’

‘Lonesome Swan’

‘Go Square Go’

‘Polmont On My Mind’

‘Daddy’s Gone’


‘S.A.D. Light’

‘Ice Cream Van’