Glasvegas in car smash drama

Band involved in accident in New York

Glasvegas have revealed how they were recently involved in a dramatic car smash in New York.

Writing on the band’s MySpace blog, guitarist Rab Allan explained that a taxi the band were in smashed into a car in front of them, causing it to spin. No one was hurt in the incident.

“One night after the studio we were heading home in a taxi and it crashed into another car,” Allan wrote. “The other guy [driver in another car] had gone through a red light and we drove side on into him.

“The front of our taxi was ripped off and we went into a spin. It was like slow motion. Anyways, everyone was OK. The fuckin’ idiot said it was our taxi’s fault ’cause we hit him.

“We got back into the cab to go home and the driver hit another car’s wing mirror off. Just before we clashed mirrors [sound engineer] Kev had quote of the tour when he winced, ‘He’s gonnae dae it again!’. The driving in NYC is nuts!”

The band have recently finished recording their debut album in the city.