Glasvegas: ‘We’ve made an ‘album’ not just tracks’

Band speak out on the week of album release

Glasvegas have claimed that their debut album, released on Monday (September 9), is a “rare thing”, an album that flows from start to finish and doesn’t rely on one-off songs.

Guitarist Rab Allan said he was immensely happy with the self-titled release, which has so far sold over 30,000 copies this week, securing it gold sales status before it has even entered the UK charts.

“It feels like a proper album because it flows from start to end,” he told NME.COM. “We’ve made an album that people want to hear. That’s a rare thing, because it all seems to be about individual tracks these days.”


The guitarist added that he had been taken aback by the amount of praise lavished on the album so far, although he agreed that it was a great piece of work.

“I’m so happy with the album,” he said. “When we hear it we still go, ‘wow’.

“Everyone who’s heard the album has absolutely loved it, and for us that’s special.”

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