Glasvegas overcome exploding amp in Oxford

Scots band play brand new song at pub gig

Glasvegas overcame a technical disaster at their gig in Oxford last night (February 12).

Expecting the Jericho Tavern gig to start at 10pm (GMT), the band took the stage half-an-hour late, but any complaints were quickly dropped when they launched into an impressive and impassioned set.

Opening with ‘Flower And Football Tops’, Glasvegas ended the song working into the chorus lines from ‘You Are My Sunshine’.


However, after this technical disaster struck.

During current single ‘It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry’, Allan‘s amp exploded – the last in a line of disasters that had already seen him accidentally unplug his lead and saw the band trigger the fire alarm during the show.

However that did not stop the band who, with the amp patched-up, Glasvegas introduced new track ‘The Ice-Cream Van’, with Allan declaring: “I wrote a song the other week that we’re going to put on our album, but we’ve never played it live before so let’s see what you think. It’s called ‘The Ice-Cream Van’.”

Following this with ‘Geraldine’, the singer told the crowd, “Geraldine’s actually here tonight. She came down from Glasgow so can we give her a round of applause, man?”

After ‘Go Square Go’ ended Allan complimented the crowd.

“That was a good effort,” he declared. “It’s about two weeks into our tour and we’re playing a lot of places we’ve never been before. You’ve been a fucking brilliant crowd, man, that’s the first time I’ve said that on tour.”


The gig ended after 45 minutes with the band’s cover of The Ronettes classic ‘Be My Baby’

Glasvegas played:

‘Flower And Football Tops’

‘It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry’

‘The Ice-Cream Van’


‘Polont On My Mind’

‘Go Square Go’

‘Daddy’s Gone’

‘Be My Baby’

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