Glasvegas: ‘We won’t let hype affect us’

Plus listen to the band playing a live session on NME Radio

Glasvegas have claimed that they aren’t going to let the flurry of hype surrounding their soon-to-be-released debut album affect them.

The Glasgow-based quartet, whose self-titled debut is out next Monday (September 8), also revealed that they don’t mind if people don’t like them.

Speaking to NME Radio ahead of their Jack Daniels Birthday Session, frontman James Allan said: “I think if you’ve kind of got a good idea of why you’re in it in the first place and what your agendas are, I don’t think you can be too disillusioned [by hype].”

He added he’s not in the band to find fame, saying: “I would like to think I was in it for creative reasons and just being an artist, trying to have fun, use my imagination.”

You can listen to the full interview and live session with Glasvegas from 4pm (BST) today (September 2) on NME Radio.