Glasvegas’ James Allan: ‘Glasgow has a romantic, wild and vibrant energy’

Singer also gives an update on his band's progress in writing their third album

Glasvegas frontman James Allan has said he is not surprised that his home city of Glasgow came out on top in a recent poll to find which UK city had featured in the most song titles.

Speaking to NME about the finding of the PRS poll and what he believed songwriters found so inspiring about the city, Allan said: “It has a side that seems like quite a cold, drab, brutal and lonely city. But if you have lived/visited here, your eyes begin to see a romantic, wild and vibrant energy. When Glasgow shows this side you know you belong. And this ‘belonging’ is a primal.”

Allan also said that he’d not as yet been tempted to name check Glasgow in a song title yet as “Most of the band’s music is about our lives and the people here anyway” and that ABBA‘s ‘Super Trouper’ is a local favourite, when it comes to songs that have been inspired by the city.


Asked what his favourite song about Glasgow was, he said:

There are lots to choose from. ‘I Wish I Was In Glasgow’ by Billy Connolly, ‘Tinseltown In the Rain’ by The Blue Nile, ‘Killermont Street’ by Aztec Camera and ‘Dylan In The Movies’ by Belle and Sebastian. But at the weekends there is one that is champion in the pubs here, ‘Super Trouper’ by Abba.

The singer also spoke about the progress the band were making on their new album, which they are currently writing. Asked how the sessions were going, he replied: “Pretty good so far. We’ve demoed about half an album’s worth so far. We’ll be playing some of these for the first time during the April tour.”

Allan also spoke about the lyrical themes behind the album, saying that the subjects of “conflict and turbulence” would inspire the album’s lyrics. He said of this: “So far the stories have been written with that feel about them. I don’t really mean to come at my writing like this. It’s just what sticks in my mind whilst I’m trying to work out what’s going on. There are so many more little daydreams and ideas I want to work on.”

He also confirmed that the band would most likely re-sign with a new record label for their next album. Glasvegas parted company with Sony BMG during 2011 and had discussed the possibility of self-releasing their material in future. But Allan said he believed they’d most likely just sign with someone else.

He said of this: “It seems like we’ll be going down the label road again.”

Glasvegas will play a short UK tour in April, playing dates in London, Liverpool and Glasgow to roadtest their new songs.