Glasvegas: ‘We got drunk with Mickey Rourke’

The band admit to drunken encounter with the actor

Glasvegas have revealed that they once had an evening out with Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, guitarist Rab Allan and bassist Paul Donoghue said that the band had spent an evening partying with The Wrestler actor.

Donoghue said: “We were out one night in a club in New York with Mickey Rourke. That was quite fun.”

Singer James Allan recently told Newsbeat that their forthcoming single ‘Shine Like Stars’ was a “snapshot of optimism”, but added that the rest of their second album ‘EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK ‘ wasn’t as positive.

“If I was looking for one main sentiment to put out from the album it would have been a different one, but I hope that doesn’t seem negative about the single. I’m really proud of all the songs,” he said.