Glasvegas: ‘There’s no need for us to have a label right now’ – video

Band speak about being dropped from Columbia Records and the future

Glasvegas have spoken for the first time about being dropped from Columbia Records.

Speaking to NME backstage at V Festival in a video interview which you can see at the top of your screen, guitarist Rab Allan said that the band weren’t concerned after Columbia let them go earlier this year, saying that they didn’t “need a label right now”, but had received plenty of offers from other record companies. He also dismissed rumours that the band were on the verge of splitting up.

He said:

We’re definitely not breaking up. We’re thinking about what we want to do, which is probably why people think we’re breaking up. People have come in about signing us, but there’s no need for us to have a label right now, James [Allan] is writing the third album and when its ready we’ll probably sign. The people who want to sign us will still be there in four months time.


Asked if the band would go it alone without the support of a label in the future, Allan replied:

I think we need the support of a label, we were lucky because our label gave us support so we now don’t need a label, but we’re quite lazy and we don’t like doing things ourselves, so we’ll probably still use one. The label were great for some things and they were awful for some things.

He also revealed that the band would be recording a U2 cover this week for a special reissue of the band’s classic album ‘Achtung Baby’.

Glasvegas endured a difficult weekend at V Festival. They ended their set early on both sites, leaving the stage after only four songs at Hylands Park after a member of the crowd threw bottles and ending after only six songs at Weston Park.