Glasvegas: ‘Visiting the ‘Neighbours’ set was best moment of our career’

Singer James Allan is now good pals with 'Lou Carpenter', apparently

Glasvegas have said going on a tour of the Neighbours set recently proved to be the “highlight” of their career so far.

The Glaswegian band visited the Aussie Channel 5 soap’s fictional town of Erinsbrough during a day off on their recent tour Down Under, which saw them play dates in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

During the trip the four-piece had a poke around the homes of the Kennedy, Bishop and Robinson families, while also strolling around the Lassiters leisure complex.


Meanwhile, singer James Allan “really hit it off” with show legend Lou Carpenter – aka actor Tom Oliver.

Writing a diary for the Daily Record about the experience, bassist Paul Donahue said:

We’ve recorded in New York, Los Angeles and Transylvania, seen the Eiffel Tower and the Vatican, played amazing venues in cities all over the world, but our highlight so far was our trip to the set of Neighbours.

He added that the band had a particular affection for Harold Bishop (pictured below right) – aka Ian Smith.

Donahue concluded:

We were transported back in time to memories of … eating dinner while Harold Bishop miraculously came back from the dead. Jesus did too, but Harold came back playing the tuba so I think he wins hands down.

It’s been an eventful world tour for the band – earlier this month, they admitted they got drunk with Hollywood star Mickey Rourke in an NME video you can watch by scrolling down and clicking below.

Glasvegas, who released their second album ‘EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK ‘ earlier this year, are due to play at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan today (July 31), before returning to the UK for appearances at The Famous Grouse Festival and V Festival next month.