Glasvegas’ James Allan has ‘secret love child’ – Tabloid Hell

An ex-love of the frontman has given birth to a baby girl

Glasvegas frontman James Allan has a child he has never seen, according to one Scottish tabloid newspaper.

The Daily Record has run a story explaining that the singer is the father of a baby girl who was recently born – but he is supposedly yet to see his offspring.

A relative of the child’s mother is quoted in the paper as saying: “Why are people not asking James when he is going to go and see his daughter?”. Meanwhile, a friend of the mother has stated that Allan is “ignoring his responsibilities as a dad.”

The ‘Daddy’s Gone’ singer has responded to the news breaking by saying: “With the greatest respect to all concerned I do not wish to comment on this very personal matter and I would like to keep my private life private.”

The frontman’s sister Denise, who manages Glasvegas, was also drawn into the matter. “James wants to be respectful towards the mother and the baby and he won’t want to drag them through anything like this,” she told the paper.

She added: “There are two sides to every story and James doesn’t want to get into the ins and outs of it. James wishes the girl [the child’s mother] the best. He wants to keep things private, for him and for his family. He is respectful towards her and her choices as a person and wouldn’t want to say anything that is not respectful of her. James respects her and James will always respect her.”

Earlier this week it was revealed that Allan was living in a five-star hotel in Glasgow – and also that he had stopped taking cocaine as it upset his mother.