Glasvegas’ James Allan: ‘I stopped taking cocaine because it upset my mum’

Singer also reveals he's moved into a Glasgow hotel

Glasvegas frontman James Allan has said he has stopped taking cocaine as it was upsetting his mum.

In an interview with Daily Record, Allan also revealed he has moved into a 5-star hotel in Glasgow so he can avoid any kind of “normal existence”.

Speaking about his mother’s reaction to his drug overdose in 2009, Allan said: “My mum was going to kill me. I had to speak to her about the way I’d been living. Only after that could things move forwards.”

“Rock n’roll and selling records are not worth it for me if my mum’s upset. She comes before anything, rock n’roll included. So I don’t take cocaine now. Even the thought of anything going up my nose makes me sick.”


The singer also revealed he has now moved into a five star hotel in Glasgow as he wants to avoid a normal existence.

He said: “When I come back to Glasgow, I live in a hotel full-time. It is a bizarre existence, but the good thing is I don’t allow myself to be deceived into living any kind of normal existence.”

“I’m glad things are uncivilized. To be civilized and to do something tranquil is something that is not welcome. It would interfere with the music.”

Glasvegas play a series of festivals this summer, including Glastonbury, V Festival and Latitude.