Glasvegas’ James Allan reveals Coachella ‘animal tranquilizer’ drama

'I'd taken a lot of coke', frontman admits

GlasvegasJames Allan has revealed that he had to be treated by paramedics after suffering an overdose at the Coachella festival in 2009.

The band had to pull out of their slot at the California festival in April that year due to the incident. Now Allan has told NME exactly what went on.

“We’d played a TV show in Los Angeles the night before and I’d taken a lot of coke,” he said. “Just stupid amounts.”

He added: “The day of the festival I took what I thought was Valium and it turned out to be animal tranquilizer. I was walking off the bus… I fell off the top stair. I couldn’t put my hands up to break my fall.

“Next thing I remember was waking up in the dressing room with paramedics standing around me.”

Allan and the band have since said that their days of such excess are firmly in the past, claiming they are “well looked after and looking after ourselves” these days.

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