Glasvegas’ James Allan says new album is ‘more grown up than their debut’

Frontman reveals: 'It's gone from Disney to Levi's'

GlasvegasJames Allan has revealed that the group’s second album is more grown up than their first.

In an interview with the Daily Record, the frontman said that “the new album is great”, before explaining how it stands up against their 2008 self-titled debut.

“It’s like comparing a photo of a 10-year-old and a 15-year-old,” he said. “It’s gone from Disney to Levi’s. I’m totally euphoric about it.”

Allan, who has spent five months in the US writing and recording demos for their next LP, also added that the band will head into the studio in September.

“I went to Santa Monica and got a place on the sand in LA and set up a studio in my house,” Allan said. “I basically got the album and demoed it and we’re now thinking about where we will record it.”

As previously reported, producer Rick Rubin invited the band to record the drum parts of the album in his Los Angeles house, although since drummer Caroline McKay left the group in March, it’s unsure if that will still happen.