Glasvegas reveal new line-up and album details

James Allan explains why Caroline McKay left

Glasvegas have revealed the replacement for recently departed drummer Caroline McKay.

The band have told NME that they have recruited Swede Jonna Löfgren, with frontman James Allan explaining that the pressures of band life was the reason for McKay‘s departure last March.

Allan was speaking in the new issue of NME, on UK newsstands tomorrow (December 15) and available digitally worldwide.


“It was probably me saying, ‘Hit this drum, hit that drum’,” Allan said of the reasons for McKay‘s departure. “Doing a demo, getting gigs, doing a demo, doing another demo then a record in New York then it’s playing at Wembley with U2, Glastonbury… she never asked for any of that.”

He added: “Everybody’s cool with each other. Caroline could have stayed and taken the money but she left.”

Speaking about how Löfgren was recruited, Allan said: “Rab [Allan, guitarist] said, ‘I want a drummer, I want a woman, I want her to be Swedish.’ Two days later this girl turns up – the label in Sweden knew about her. I went from being embarrassed about Rab to, ‘What a fucking genius’.”

Allan also revealed that the band worked with producer Flood (U2, Depeche Mode) on the band’s second album in London after initial sessions in Los Angeles. It’s expected to be released in the first half of 2011.

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