Glasvegas’ James Allan ‘missing since Friday’ according to bandmates

Bandmates tell NME.COM that frontman is AWOL

Glasvegas frontman James Allan has gone missing, the band have cagily admitted.

The singer was absent from last night’s Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize meaning the group were unable to perform as planned.

“We did a festival in Italy and came back and the last I’ve seen of him was at the airport,” guitarist Rab Allan told NME.COM in a video interview you can watch below. “I got told today he’s ill. Missing in action? Yeah something like that.”

According to reports in the Scottish press, his bandmates said they were “worried” about the singer’s whereabouts.

“His mum hasn’t heard from him but we have told her not to worry. Everyone is panicking. We don’t know if he’s going to come to the gigs. We’ll have to wait and see,” Rab Allan told The Daily Record, explaining the band are on the eve of a US tour with Kings Of Leon.

He added: “The last we heard of him was after we got off the plane on Friday. I emailed him but he didn’t reply. He is probably away with a woman, knowing James. We don’t think he’s in Glasgow. Our manager is in Glasgow and he hasn’t heard from him. We thought he would turn up at the Mercury Prize at the last minute. I miss him. The message is: James please get in touch.”

The guitarist told NME.COM that he had jokingly considered performing without the, declaring: “I wanted to do the ‘Fraggle Rock’ or the Mario Brothers theme tune without him, but our manager shot that one down.”

Watch NME.COM‘s video interview with Glasvegas now: