Glasvegas to record second album next summer

Rab Allan says band have 'amazing' songs already written

Glasvegas are set to begin work on their second album next summer.

Despite singer James Allan suggesting the band might take their time, possibly even years, over a follow-up to their eponymous debut, bassist Rab Allan says they’re planning to hit the studio a lot sooner than that.

“Summer is most likely,” Rab Allan told Planet Sound. “James likes to throw curveballs – maybe it’ll be years before we make a new record. But he reckons he’ll have enough songs written by next summer.”

The bassist added: “James has got two new songs he’s happy with, but they aren’t ready enough to play live just yet.

James played one of the songs to the rest of the band for the first time a fortnight ago. It’s amazing; absolutely beautiful, considering it’s such a simple song.”