Glasvegas preview debut album in Oxford

Band play the Oxford Carling Academy

Glasvegas previewed songs from their forthcoming debut album last night (June 5) at the Oxford Carling Academy, playing a half-hour set to a busy crowd.

The band performed previous limited-run singles ‘It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry’ and set closer ‘Daddy’s Gone’, as well as imminent single ‘Geraldine’.

The band were in a bit of a rush to get to the venue, with frontman James Allan telling NME.COM that he had “only just seen the stage” before showtime. and “We haven’t even done a soundcheck,” he added.


Glasvegas opened with ‘Flowers And Football Tops’ before playing seven further songs, Allan pausing to say “thanks” for the audience’s applause between each number.

Near the end of the set guitarist Rab Allan played a synthesised keyboard for new song ‘Ice Cream Van’, accompanied just by his cousin James on vocals. “It means a lot that you came to see our band tonight, man,” the singer said after the song, before playing debut single ‘Daddy’s Gone’

Following the song Glasvegas headed backstage to finish off their rider until they were kicked out by a security guard, then headed back to their hotel to finish vocal takes for their debut album, due to be released in September.

Glasvegas played:

‘Flowers And Football Tops’

‘Lonesome Swan’


‘It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes me Cry’


‘Polmont On My Mind’

‘Go Square Go’

‘Ice Cream Van’

‘Daddy’s Gone’