Glasvegas in German police gun drama

'We shat ourselves' band tell NME.COM

Glasvegas were surrounded by police officers wielding guns earlier today (November 21) in Munich after their tour bus sparked a security false alarm.

The band’s spokesperson has told NME.COM that at around lunchtime their tour bus pulled up in the centre of town, only for a troupe of gun-wielding policemen to board the bus and search the band members.

The band were in the German city in preparation for a gig at the Atomic Café venue.

The incident was the result of security measures being undertaken in the city, where German president Horst Köhler and Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia, were visiting the nearby Mariandl Oriental hotel.

The Glasgow four-piece were forced to stay on the bus by police until the two politicians had passed out of the area.

Bassist Paul Donoghue told NME.COM, “The police came on and dragged us out of bed to search the bunks. Rab [Allan, guitarist] almost got the rubber glove special because he asked for his bath bombs.

“I think they misheard him as they tightened they’re trigger fingers a little. I shat myself.”