Glen Matlock talks possibility of another Sex Pistols reunion

Original bassist speaks to NME in new interview

Sex Pistols‘ original bassist Glen Matlock has discussed the possibility of the punk icons reuniting again in the future.

Matlock played bass in the legendary punk band from 1975 to 1977, when he left and was replaced by Sid Vicious. He was part of the group’s first reunion in 1996 and the brief reunions that followed in 2002/2003 and 2007/2008.

Speaking to NME recently, Matlock revealed that the last time he spoke to frontman John Lydon was at Sex Pistols’ last reunion show at Azkena Rock Festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain in September 2008.


Recalling the gig in question, Matlock said: “I was quite friendly and politely pointed out to him between going on stage and doing the encore that the part of Spain we was in was actually Basque country, and they don’t like Spanish, and he went ‘Ah right, okay’. Basically I didn’t want to get hit on the head by a rock.”

On why the pair have not been in touch since, Matlock added: “He’s doing something, and I’ve been doing a bit of playing with Paul Cook with a project we kick-started for Teenage Cancer Trust. In all bands there’s all different, kind of, little mini soap operas.”

Asked whether he thinks the band could get back together again in the future, the bassist said that “doesn’t know” and that he doesn’t “wake up in the morning” wishing for it to happen.

“We’re all old now,” Matlock said. “We’re all in our 60s, I was the last one to turn 60. I think the apple drops down to the young guys.”

Glen MatlockGetty/Redferns

Referring to the 40th anniversary celebrations of punk that are taking place this year, Matlock added: “There’s lots of people carrying the punk thing and I suppose it’s their way of reminding everybody and reliving their youth a little bit. I’m always more interested in the next gig and the next song.”

“I never wake up in the morning thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great for the Sex Pistols to reform’. I might be wasting my time. I like to live in the present and with an eye into the past and look towards what’s coming up next. That’s a healthy way of living. It’s the media that leads all those thoughts”.


Elsewhere in the interview, Matlock revealed that the band considered working on new music when they first reunited in 1996.