Glenn Danzig says Original Misfits are “not gonna do any more shows”

The group have four upcoming reunion dates planned

Glenn Danzig has revealed that Misfits are “not gonna do many more” reunion shows following their scheduled dates.

Last week, it was reported that the US punk rock outfit’s recent and upcoming live appearances are part of a legal settlement between Danzig and Jerry Only. Their dispute is said to be regarding the band’s trademarks and profits, obligating them to play 10 shows as Original Misfits.

“With the Misfits thing, we just kinda got back together and just decided we’d do it here or there, and just not make it a grind kinda tour,” Danzig told Full Metal Jackie.


“We just want to make each event special. We’re not gonna do many more. I know we just announced Seattle and Denver, but I’m pretty sure there’s not gonna be many more of them.”

Legal documents obtained last week read: “The parties agree to perform no fewer than ten (10) Misfits reunion shows to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the band.

“The parties shall split all proceeds (including merch for the tour as well as any reunion-specific merch to be sold at retail) from any such reunion endeavours 50/50 after deduction of expenses.”

Continuing their run of shows, Original Misfits are set to play Los Angeles on June 29. Dates will then resume in September, with appearances planned for Denver, Oakland, and Seattle. You can find more information here.

Misfits formed in 1977 and broke up in 1983, after which Danzig began a successful solo career. Prior to their comeback, Danzig and Only hadn’t shared a stage together in over 30 years. From 1995, Only continued to perform under the Misfits name – taking on lead vocal duties from 2001.

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