Global best-selling artist of 2017 named

Sheeran had the biggest selling album and single of last year

Ed Sheeran has been named as the global best-selling artist of 2017.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has revealed that Sheeran’s third album ‘÷’, released in March 2017, went multi-platinum in 36 different countries.

The album’s lead single, ‘Shape Of You’, was also the global best-selling single of last year, going multi-platinum in 32 countries.


The IFPI has said that it’s the first time an artist has had both the best-selling album and single globally in the same year.

“Ed is truly an incredible songwriter, vocalist and performer, whose ability to tell stories and make people feel is what stands him out from the crowd,” Max Lousada of Warner Music Group says of the news.

Drake was named by the IFPI as the second best-selling global artist for 2017, while Taylor Swift came third, despite her album ‘Reputation’ only being released in November.

Recently, Taylor Swift accused Ed Sheeran of “peacocking” in an Instagram video.

In the clip, Swift jokingly chided the star for sitting closer to the camera than her – giving the impression that he’s much taller.


“I just want to start by saying that this is what he does, he tries to elevate himself geographically so he can seem better than me,” Swift joked.

Ed concurrently replied: “Totally”.

Taylor then added: “Experts will study this and say that you’re, like… peacocking right now.”

The term was first coined in 2005 and refers to men who take up bold poses in a bid to attract female attention.