Juan Carlos Diaz claims Emilio threatened him and made unwanted sexual advances...

GLORIA ESTEFAN and her husband EMILIO have been granted a restraining order against an aspiring actor who has claimed EMILIO threatened him and made unwanted sexual advances.

The order was granted on Friday (January 18) against Juan Carlos Diaz. He had a request for a similar order against Emilio Estefan turned down last week, but returns to court next Monday (January 28) to have the petition heard again.

Diaz, reports Billboard, has accused Emilio Estefan and his bodyguard of threatening him. He has also said Estefan asked him for sexual favours over a period of two years and touched him inappropriately while they worked out in a gym.

For their part, the Estefans say Diaz has harassed them at their home and at the gym. Diaz has twice been issued police warnings for trespass.