Gnarls Barkley get to work on second album

The duo are 'throwing around ideas' for follow-up

Gnarls Barkley have begun work on their next album.

The band, who released their massive-selling debut ’St Elsewhere’ earlier this year, have started coming up with ideas for its follow-up.

“We’ve started to throw some ideas around, and we’ve started on some rough demo stuff. But it’s stil a little way away,” explained Danger Mouse of the duo’s work so far. “But we want to make the record sooner rather than later – just go in there an continue what we’re doing. We definitely don’t want to make (the next album) based our reactions to what people are saying about this album.”

He added that there was a lot of anticipation for the new record, but the producer and singer Cee-Lo would only release another LP together if they believed it was up to scratch.

“There a lot of people who want another Gnarls Barkley album, and so do we,” Danger Mouse explained. “But we’re going to do it the same way we did before – we’re going to do it at our pace and see what happens. When we get into the groove with things, we do the songs in bunches, and so we know that all we need to do it is go back and start working. If we love what’s coming out, then we’ll do another record; if we don’t love it the way we loved this one…then we won’t do it.”

He told MTV that despite his growing commitments – Danger Mouse has recently produced The Rapture and Damon Albarn‘s new group The Good The Bad And The QueenGnarls Barkley would remain a priority.

“We worked on this record (‘St Elsewhere’) for three years, and nothing I did – Gorillaz, nothing – stopped it,” he declared. “We thought it took a long time, but it ended up coming out at the right time, and hopefully that’s what will happen with the second one.”