Gnarls Barkley deface Paris Hilton

They 'improve on perfection'

Gnarls Barkley kingpin Danger Mouse has remixed Paris Hilton – without her consent.

The Gorillaz producer worked with graffiti artist and Blur collaborator Banksy to produce a bootleg copy of the hotel heiresses’ debut album ’Paris’.

Banksy replaced 400 doctored copies of the album in branches of HMV, replacing Hilton’s album with 40 minute of remix credited to ’DM’, now Danger Mouse’s management has confirmed it was him.

In a statement he said: “It’s hard to improve on perfection, but we had to try.”

Banksy altered the cover of the album, changing some of the song titles to ’Why Am I Famous’ and ’What Am I For?’.

He also changed the cover picture of Hilton to show her topless and with a dog’s head.