Are Gnarls Barkley set to return in 2018?

The follow-up to the duo's second album, 'The Odd Couple', is currently in the works and could be finished early next year

Gnarls Barkley are “half-way in” with recording their new album, according to Cee-Lo Green.

The duo, who came to prominence in 2006 with their debut LP ‘St. Elsewhere’ and its lead single ‘Crazy’, haven’t released a full-length record since their sophomore album ‘The Odd Couple’ back in March 2008.

That may change as ‘The Odd Couple’ reaches its 10th anniversary, however, with Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse currently working in the studio on their third album – which could see a full release next year.


Speaking to DJBooth, Cee-Lo gave an update on the progress of the new record, confirming that he and his producer are nearly 50% of the way through the process.

“We have already started on a new [Gnarls Barkley] album,” Green said. “We’re halfway in and we have some overtures from the other projects that may not have stood the test of time, we don’t know yet.”

The singer also confirmed that the duo will try and finish the rest of the album in the space of a week – as they’ve done with their previous releases.

“That’s pretty much all the time we had to do ‘St. Elsewherebecause we were heating up around that time,” he said. “We were doing something recreationally.”


Back in April, Danger Mouse revealed that one proposed reunion with Cee-Lo had been scrapped as he’d been too busy drowning his sorrows over Donald Trump’s US election win back in November 2016.